Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Study Biology?

This is the introduction to a high school Advanced Placement Biology course that I taught. It's short, but dense. Each part of each sentence can be unpacked into entire articles, which I will do over time as I generate more mini-lessons. As you will see, much biology and science can be learned by unpacking the parts of each statement and seeing how all parts are ultimately united as one.

"Put on your seat belts! We will be embarking on a wild ride through AP Biology. Biology is becoming an ever more important subject of study. As the other sciences progress, we find that new technologies can interact with life forms and environments in unintended ways. Thus, because of things like disease, environmental protection, and the need for renewable energy, the science of biology must also progress just as fast. Building a fuel-efficient space ship is one thing, but the viable mass migration of sentient, carbon-based life forms across the solar system is a whole different ball game. Welcome to biology."  

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